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Russian as a Foreign Language

Pskov State University implements the programme 'Russian as a foreign language' for the student of the foreign higher education institutions who come to russia for the traineeship in the inclusive and individual programmes, as well as for teacher of the foreign higher education institutions who come to Russia for a temporary visit. The programme provides a flexible approach to the listeners' preferences, their age and national factors are taken into account. Experienced teachers use innovational methods and provide and insight on the realities of Russian contemporary political, social and cultural life.

The training of the foreign students has the following aspects:

  • Speech practice
  • Written practice
  • Syntaxis and practical grammar of Russian language for the foreigners
  • Social life of contemporaty Russia.

The crucial part of the programme is a cultural immersion, acquaintance with Pskov and Pskov Oblast.

The duration of the programme can vary depending on preferences and requests of the students - from one week to a year and more.